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Therapy Fort Worth and Counseling Center: Our Story

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Therapy Fort Worth’s story is a story about you.

It’s about the struggles you have faced and continue to face day by day. It’s about the resilience you’ve shown in moving forward in spite of the obstacles in your life.

We started this practice because we believe that taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important to healthy self-care as eating well, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep.


The story of our counseling practice is also about the courage you mobilize in order to take the first steps toward reclaiming your life from doubts, fears, and despair.

Many people struggle in taking the initial step of picking up the phone to call or text, or writing an email message to make that first appointment.

But remember...

We’re people just like you, who have had our own struggles, faced our own challenges and continue to navigate an often tricky path through a very complicated world in order to achieve balance in our own lives. Everyone faces pain and suffering at times in their lives. It’s the way we empower ourselves for personal growth and healing that determines how we respond to adversity.

Sometimes empowering yourself means giving yourself some time and space to think. Sometimes it means acquiring the assistance of a professional to help you succeed.

Your safe space

The story builds as you face the events from your past, present, and future that are contributing to the emotional barriers currently holding you back. The therapy room is your safe space to say whatever you need to say. To express yourself freely. It’s a place where you will find individualized therapy to meet your unique situation.

We learned quickly that very few people who come to therapy fit any traditional “pictures” of clients portrayed in psychology books. And traditional therapy models are not always sufficiently broad and flexible to accommodate the incredible diversity and uniqueness embodied by each client (and their specific situation.)

And that’s why...

We take an individualized approach to therapy, combining all that we’ve learned in our education and careers with the latest evidence on effective counseling techniques and a scientific understanding of the brain. With this approach the result is a highly tailored therapy experience customized to your unique situation, your unique personality, your unique goals, and your unique needs.

Just as your body needs extra water after intense exercise, sometimes you need a safe space to exhale your emotions without fear of judgement. You need room to process what’s on your mind in a calm and comfortable environment.

Evidence-based tools and techniques

The story continues as you arm yourself with tools and knowledge to dismantle destructive thought patterns and replace them with cognitive processes that can lead to more satisfying relationships and habits. These are evidence-based tools and techniques that we not only share with our clients, but also apply to our own lives.

Today you, tomorrow your community

Core to our philosophy is that when you engage in the process of creating a life of meaning and purpose, you are then able to live to your fullest potential. And when you are at the top of your game, you will succeed in enriching the lives of those around you, providing positive contributions to your community, and making the future of humanity a bit brighter with each passing day.

Your story begins

Ultimately the story of Therapy Fort Worth and Counseling Center is your story of growth and healing...

...and it begins whenever you’re ready to take that first step.

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