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Authentic Therapists

From our training, our research, and our life experience, we understand that all of us – therapists and clients alike – are in the same boat. Core to our philosophy is the belief that all humans experience pain and suffering. We understand that you aren’t broken; you’re stuck. Our aim in working with you isn’t to fix you, it’s to help you get unstuck and create a life of meaning and purpose.

Therapy that is...
Effective. Proven. Practical.

Growth, Learning, Healing

We strongly believe in growth and learning and are perennial students of therapy. We are constantly training and honing our craft. We make a point of keeping up with the latest research and new developments in the field. Indeed, the therapies we use are not just theoretical approaches, they are practical ways to live well. We don’t just implement them with our clients, we apply them to our own lives.


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Evidence-based Therapy

At Therapy Fort Worth and Counseling Center, we practice evidence-based psychotherapy. That means that the treatments we offer have research that supports their effectiveness. We are committed to working together with you to find the best treatment so that you can grow, heal, and thrive.

In-person Therapy in Fort Worth

Our practice is in Fort Worth, Texas, centrally located, just 8 minutes from downtown. With a beautiful view of the Trinity River and the peaceful trees that surround it, our offices are the perfect place for you to find the growth and healing you deserve. Our address is 1751 River Run, Fort Worth.

Therapy Fort Worth Founders



To be a
Catalyst for growth and healing for Fort Worthers
in order that they may
Create lives of meaning and purpose

Live to their fullest potential.

This way,
our clients can succeed in 

1.) Enriching the lives of those around them,

2.) Providing positive contributions to the community,
3.) Making the world a brighter place with each passing day.

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