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Change: A Challenge and an Opportunity

One thing is for sure—life is constantly changing! It may seem like just when you find sure footing in one area, something else changes. Death, birth, divorce, diagnoses, work layoffs, and major moves are only a few of the things that can leave you reeling. You find yourself feeling confused, sad, stressed, vulnerable, and left to navigate life when it feels like your feet are stuck in quicksand. 

The Licensed Professional Counselors at Therapy Fort Worth see all change—no matter how difficult—as an opportunity for personal growth. Through life transitions, you can build strength, confidence, and resilience that will better prepare you for future challenges.


Change also provides an opportunity to build new skills and gain a deeper awareness of yourself and your place in the world.  

Examples of Life Transitions

We help our clients deal with many common life events and transitions, including:

  • Moving away to college

  • Adjusting to university life or your first professional job

  • Getting married

  • Having a new baby

  • Parenting

  • Empty nesting syndrome

  • Breakup, separation or divorce

  • Partner infidelity

  • Retirement

  • Job loss or major career change

  • Relocation

  • Financial gain / loss

  • Serious illness or disability

  • Issues pertaining to aging

  • Death of a loved one

  • Questioning the meaning of life

  • Questioning your faith / spirituality

  • Questioning your sexual / gender identity

If you are struggling with a major life change right now, please reach out. With the right tools and encouragement, you can begin to find a new normal that will get your life moving again.


We Can Help You Adjust

Contact us today for your 15-minute free consultation to explore how you can benefit from our professional services.

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