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“How can we fix our relationship?”

You still love each other. And if you try, you can probably even recall the flutter of excitement you felt in your stomach when you first fell in love. 

But what has happened since? You don’t feel heard or understood. The intimacy is fading. The sense of closeness you once cherished has dissipated as life got busier. Other priorities seem to always take precedence over improving your relationship.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way...

There Is Still Hope

But it’s not too late. Couples therapy can help you regain the things that made your relationship feel good, in addition to providing new avenues for closeness and intimacy. Couples therapy can help both of you to:

  • Improve your communication. 

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries. 

  • Enhance intimacy. 

  • Overcome obstacles together.

  • Rediscover the magic of just being together.


Whatever issues you’re dealing with, taking this step shows that you’re not ready to give up on each other, on the relationship or on yourself. Learn more about who you are while getting better at rediscovering each other.

Healthy Couple

Many couples have found relief and support by addressing the following issues in relationship therapy:

  • Effective communication strategies

  • Conflict resolution

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Improving Intimacy

  • Parenting concerns

  • Divorce care/Co-parenting

  • Premarital counseling

  • Compulsive behavior support

  • Balance (work/life/family)

  • Blended families

  • Chronic illness

  • Extended family

  • Infidelity/cheating

  • Mental illness

  • Pornography

  • Sex

Relationship Therapy Uniquely Tailored to Your Needs

In couples therapy, you’ll learn evidence-based and proven strategies for improving your communication, increasing the intimacy between you, and creating a safe space where you each can feel valued, needed, and loved. Your couples sessions will be highly tailored to fit your unique situation and needs.

Couples Counselors Who Understand

At Therapy Fort Worth, you’ll find therapists who understand the ins and outs of long-term, committed relationships. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in many, many relationships (including our own), and are experienced at applying relationship research in an effective and practical manner.

Reach out and connect with us today for your free 15-minute phone consultation to see how we can help restore your relationship to what you want it to be. 

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