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Therapy Fort Worth Voted DFW’s Best Counseling Center for 2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The people of Dallas and Fort Worth have voted Therapy Fort Worth and Counseling Center as the best place for counseling in the 2023 DFW Favorites poll, which was conducted in partnership with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. (View winners magazine)

We are incredibly grateful to have been selected by the 50,000+ voters who took part in this survey. 

Fertile soil

We started Therapy Fort Worth because of our commitment to two things: 

1.) The quality of our therapy 

2.) The well-being of our community

This commitment is reflected in our tagline:

“Growth and healing for the hometown heart.”

You’ll see it in our individualized counseling, which is tailored to be as unique as the clients we serve.

You’ll experience it in our collaborative approach to therapy, in which the client and therapist work together to guide the direction and set desired goals.

You’ll feel it in the support of our empathetic, down-to-earth counselors. No Instagram perfection here… and no cookie-cutter or canned approaches. What we offer is authentic, personalized therapy that is effective, proven and practical.

Starting small and local

Long ago we realized that if we wanted to strengthen the DFW community, we needed to start at the level of the individual, the couple and the family. 

That’s where the difference is made. 

That change then spreads outward like the leaves of an oak tree once it has reached sufficient height.

When you set yourself free from depression, anxiety, relationship obstacles, and other struggles, you not only improve your own life. You also improve the lives of every person you meet; the more contact you have with someone, the bigger the impact.

That’s how one person affects change on their community. 

That’s how one person, one couple, one family can begin to change the world.

And it starts right here.

With growth.

With healing.

From our hearts to our hometown.

Thank you, DFW, for the honor of serving you.

Here’s to you!


Note: Therapy Fort Worth was also recently ranked as one of the top three therapists in Fort Worth for the third year in a row by Three Best Rated®.

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