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My passion for helping individuals and couples is founded in my belief that each of us needs a safe, comfortable space to heal our pain, improve our relationships, and learn new skills. I have had the great opportunity to be welcomed into the lives of my clients. I hear them, help them change, and assist them in reaching their goals. I cofounded Therapy Fort Worth and Counseling Center to provide a space for healing and growth right here on the Trinity River in Fort Worth.


My career experience highlights my focus on helping individuals and couples improve their communication, learn to express themselves directly, set boundaries, improve family dynamics, and enhance intimacy. I help clients deal with their depression, manage anxiety, and regain their motivation and enjoyment of life. Together, I work with my clients to create an individualized therapy experience to promote healing after painful life experiences.


I also specialize in perinatal mental health. I strongly believe that many new mothers and their families suffer in silence. I give pregnant women and new mothers a space to share their unspoken thoughts and feelings, and have many practical, easy-to-apply techniques to make it through this challenging time.


Reach out to me. I’m here to help.

Lexi Johnson MS, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Cofounder of Therapy Fort Worth and Counseling Center


Therapy Fort Worth’s location offers a calm, comfortable spot by the Trinity River where you will always be celebrated, safe, and welcome!
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, from Andrews University

  • Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling, from Texas Wesleyan University

  • Areas of research: disabilities, motives for generosity

  • Professional Contributions: DFW Child Magazine

  • Postpartum Support International,  Professional Member

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