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A lot has happened to you in life, and people seem to be in awe of all you’ve experienced when you share your story. Yet you feel as though you’ve lived a your life happened to someone that looked like you and you just watched it unfold; it just doesn’t feel real. 

You feel responsible for everyone and everything and find yourself apologizing for things completely outside of your control. Perhaps you’re experiencing uncharacteristic anger—at family, friends, animals, or strangers. You might be a self-help guru, but it doesn’t ever seem that you feel worthy of the life you’re currently living. You just never feel like what you do is enough. 

Sometimes you look in the mirror, and you truly have no idea who’s staring back at you. You grasp at joy or even a sense of actually living by engaging in risky behaviors, but you end up just feeling empty. People around you have expressed concern that you just don’t seem like yourself or you’re no longer performing at the level you once did. 

Perhaps the worst part of it all is that you feel trapped by the life you’re living, and it seems as if there’s no way out. 


Complex trauma occurs with exposure to many traumas over time and encompasses the impacts of that exposure as well. Complex trauma often results from events in childhood within the family-of-origin. 

However, it can occur in adulthood, such as in domestic violence situations or with partners of chemical and behavioral addicts. Additional possible C-PTSD-invoking situations in adulthood include community violence, periods of civil unrest, war trauma, genocide, refugee or asylum seeking, cultural dislocation, sexual exploitation or trafficking, and medical trauma. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from complex trauma work, please reach out to schedule your 15-minute free phone consultation today. We are here for you!

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